The Hand That Feeds You

The Hand That Feeds You Morgan s life seems settled she is completing her thesis on victim psychology and newly engaged to Bennett a man possessive than those she has dated in the past but also chivalrous and passionate Bu
  • Title: The Hand That Feeds You
  • Author: A.J.Rich
  • ISBN: 9781471148569
  • Page: 431
  • Format: Paperback
  • Morgan s life seems settled she is completing her thesis on victim psychology and newly engaged to Bennett, a man possessive than those she has dated in the past, but also chivalrous and passionate But she returns from class one day to find Bennett savagely killed, and her dogs a Great Pyrenees, and two pit bulls she was fostering circling the body, covereMorgan s life seems settled she is completing her thesis on victim psychology and newly engaged to Bennett, a man possessive than those she has dated in the past, but also chivalrous and passionate But she returns from class one day to find Bennett savagely killed, and her dogs a Great Pyrenees, and two pit bulls she was fostering circling the body, covered in blood Everything she holds dear in life is taken away from her in an instant Devastated and traumatised, Morgan tries to locate Bennett s parents to tell them about their son s death Only then does she begin to discover layer after layer of deceit Bennett is not the man she thought he was And she is not the only woman now in immense danger
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    1. See also Amy Hempel and Jill CimentAmy Hempel is the author of four collections of stories Reasons to Live, At the Gates of the Animal Kingdom, Tumble Home, and The Dog of the Marriage Her Collected Stories was published in 2006, and was named one of the New York Times Ten Best Books of the Year She has won many awards, including a Guggenheim Fellowship, an inaugural USA Foundation Fellowship, and the PEN Malamud Award for the Short Story She teaches writing at Bennington College and the University of Florida, and is a founding board member of two dog rescue nonprofit organizations The Deja Foundation DejaFoundation , and Morgan s Place, a rescue in Connecticut She lives in Gainesville, Florida, and New York City.Jill Ciment is the author of Small Claims, a collection of stories and novellas The Law of Falling Bodies, Teeth of the Dog, The Tattoo Artist, Heroic Measures, and Act of God, novels and Half a Life, a memoir She has been awarded a National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship, a NEA Japan Fellowship Prize, two New York State Fellowships for the Arts, the Janet Heidinger Kafka Prize, and a Guggenheim Fellowship Ciment is a professor at the University of Florida She lives in Gainesville, Florida, and Brooklyn, New York.

    2. This was a pitiful book It s poorly written, the characters aren t developed I don t feel anything for the characters, the characters don t feel anything for themselves or each other The dogs aren t even interesting The authors go off subject so much it is annoying and ridiculous I believe the point of the story might be that once a victim always a victim At one point in the book she includes this paragraph The last funeral I had attended was Kathy s, a green funeral No coffin, no headstone we c [...]

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    4. The hand That Feeds You by A.J Rich is a well written thriller that mixes psychological with a high Mystery content I found it a real page turner had my full attention.Morgan a Psychology student is completing her thesis on victim psychology when she returns home to find her fianc Bennett murdered two of her dogs Cloud George covered in blood her other dog Chester shot , she immediately fears for her dogs safety as they are taken to the Boston animal shelter.Morgan starts seeing Cilla a Psychiat [...]

    5. I was pretty disappointed I didn t find it smart or sexy or emotionally riveting as the publisher suggests The idea of a psychologist studying victimology while exhibiting traits of a victim herself was quite fascinating, but somehow it fell flat I just can t get over how such a great concept was executed in such a watered down way I can t really explain it better than that The ending was also incredibly abrupt, with a giant twist which I saw coming from a million miles away that could have ramp [...]

    6. 4.5 sWhen Morgan returned home to find the front door ajar she was worried the dogs could easily escape she worried Bennett hadn t latched it properly Bennett didn t like her dogs but Morgan loved dogs and had rescued two pit bulls plus she had owned her Great Pyrenees since she was a puppy Cloud was a gentle giant The absolute horror of what confronted her when she entered the house was shattering her dogs were covered in blood and her fianc , Bennett, dead in a brutal, macabre way.With help fr [...]

    7. I m not sure why I keep doing this to myself I always want these psychological thrillers to be good, or at least interesting, or at the very, VERY least to have some sort of twist that I don t figure out within the first 50 pages But, alas The characters, especially Morgan, were flatter than frogs hit by all eighteen wheels of a semi Even the dogs were underdeveloped Add this one to the towering stack of less than thrilling thrillers clogging the arteries of bookstores everywhere The cheeseburge [...]

    8. A.J Rich is actually Amy Hempel and Jill Ciment writing as a team, and I was so excited when I heard that Individually, they are both beautiful writers Sadly, I found this novel to be terrible poor characterization, repetitive, an implusible plot, and worst of all it was terribly written Really disappointing.

    9. The Hand That Feeds You is a psychological thriller that has an awful lot going for it The addictive quality is spot on, I read this in one sitting, readability factor high.When Morgan comes home to discover that her fiancee is dead, her dog s are the culprits, she has a breakdown Upon recovery she discovers that he was not who he claimed to be, in fact nobody seems to know who he is Further investigation shows that she is not the only one he has been taken in by him and death seems to follow hi [...]

    10. When we meet thirty year old Morgan Prager, she is living in a Brooklyn apartment and writing her Master s thesis in forensic psychology at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice Her thesis is looking at what identifies a victim and it was through her online research that she met her fianc Bennett Bennett told Morgan he lived in Montreal, where he managed bands and she thought little of his unwillingness to meet her family After all, she only really had her brother, Stephen, and the distance b [...]

    11. This book really frustrated me Morgan is supposed to be a psychologist studying victomology and is herself a victim I guess that could be a clever story if it weren t so obvious and the person didn t do such ridiculous things to put themselves into dangerous situations Morgan did not even come across as intelligent enough to be a psychologist No need to launch a whole study online about being a victim when you make yourself into one She was what she should have been studying I felt like a victim [...]

    12. Authors Amy Hempel and Jill Ciment write this as A J Rich Morgan Prager comes home to the apartment she shares with her fiancee and finds him dead, brutally mauled by her three dogs 2 of them are rescued pit bulls and 1 is a Great Pyrenees.It is here that the story divides into two individual stories She finds that her fiancee isn t who he said he was not his name, not his parents, not his job, not his education seems like he has lied about everything On top of that, he was manipulative and bord [...]

    13. This book was an incredibly quick, engrossing read I saw the pig hearts, I said, as neutrally and calmly as one can say I saw the pig hearts.It dealt with forensic psychology, specifically that of sociopaths, and was made all the fascinating by the real world facts dropped in there.Sociopaths make up 4 percent of the population, 12 million Americans They are not necessarily raging criminals most of them are charming, intelligent, and know how to mimic concern, and even love But they lack consci [...]

    14. OUT IN JULY Oh my God I don t usually go for thrillers, but I ve heard lots of hype about one of the authors that co wrote this and had to try it out AND THANK GOD I DID Morgan is a grad student studying victimology who ends up being victimized herself by a man she was engaged to She finds him murdered by her dogs one day, and thus ensues a dazzling downward spiral as Morgan discovers Bennett is not the man she thought he was It s full of fresh and shocking revelations on every page Strangely er [...]

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    16. Depois de o encontrar morto no seu apartamento, Morgan descobre que o noivo n o era quem ela julgava ser Bennett mentiu lhe em rela o ao seu nome, ao emprego e em rela o a grande parte do que rodeava a sua vida pessoal A pol cia acredita que foram os c es de Morgan que mataram Bennett, mas, embora tenha algumas d vidas em rela o aos dois c es que acolheu recentemente, Morgan est convencida que a sua cadela Cloud inocente Assim, decide come ar a investigar por si mesma Morgan precisa de saber qua [...]

    17. shelfnotes reviewDear Reader,I feel so let down by this book What should have been a page turning thriller, not to mention well written became an annoyance to me A dog loving psychology student comes home to find her fiance murdered by what looks to be her dogs That alone sounds horrifying and a good twisty mind frak So yes, I was intrigued and wanted to stick with it and find out what truly happens Being a dog lover myself, I was definitely on the side of the dogs didn t do it I m not going to [...]

    18. The Hand That Feeds You by A.J Rich a pseudonym for the partnership of authors Amy Hempel and Jill Ciment offers an interesting premise Psychology student Morgan Prager is devastated when she returns home one evening to find her fiance, Bennett, mauled to death by her beloved pets, a Great Pyrenees and two fostered pit bulls But when attempts to notify Bennett s family of his death reveal he was not the man she thought he was, for Morgan, a psychologist writing a thesis about victimology, the be [...]

    19. 2.5 stars I really enjoyed this book and I m not sure why because it s bad in so many ways Yet, I couldn t stop reading it It s s best book of July 2015, which is interesting in that found it suspenseful as well, despite all the flaws It s a story of 30 year old woman who should know better She possesses incredibly self destructive and risky behaviors She s not very likeable She behaves like an out of control teen girl The tale begins when she comes home and her fianc e has been dismembered in [...]

    20. Thanks to NetGalley and Scribner for an ARC to read and review.The Hand That Feeds You is a psychological thriller that completely drew me in from the very beginning, making it impossible not to want to fly through the book to find out the ending I usually hate writing reviews of thrillers because I think that the less you know about them, usually the better However, I will attempt to at least give an opinion without any spoilers or comparing it to Gone Girl or The Girl on the Train I generally [...]

    21. This is one of those books that landed on my doorstep and unassumingly made its way into my house until I read the blurb It was with trepidation though that I started reading due to my extreme love for our four legged friends and the fact that I m well aware of the reputation that Pit Bulls have been stereo typed into worldwide.Imagine walking into your apartment to find your fianc laying on the floor in a pool of blood with your dogs circling around him Imagine those same dogs you have loved un [...]

    22. wordnerdy 2015 07Look, I admire the backstory to this book, but this book is not great It centers on a young woman, a grad student, whose boyfriend dies apparently mauled by her dogs , at which point she realizes everything she knows about him is a lie and that the other women in his life are being murdered The thing is, she is an amazingly stupid person, so you don t really sympathize with her for being fooled by a charismatic sociopath I mean, really, she does all the dumb things amateur dete [...]

    23. Bem, as 3,5 seriam justas sem d vida, mas n o chega as 4 porque n o seria justo para com outros que t m mais qualidade de escrita.Li o num instante, e fiquei muito ansiosa para o terminar Percebi o desenlace bastante antes, no entanto n o perdi o interesse Faltou lhe, para ser um 4 , uma personagem forte, com carisma A rapariga era tolinha e fraquinha e envolvia se com demasiada facilidade para uma mulher que estuda psicos e isso devia te la tornado, pelo menos, mais cautelosa.Por isto n o conse [...]

    24. About halfway thru this book I became a little bored with it, then guessed the ending so I was left with just wanting it to be finished It wasn t a bad storyline just maybe needed to be handled a little differently

    25. I was interested in reading The Hand That Feeds You after learning of its backstory When author Katherine Russell Rich learned that the man she was in love with was a lying con artist, she set out to write a novel about the experience to explore what would make an intelligent and confident woman fall for such a fraud That novel was barely started, however, when Rich succumbed to breast cancer Two of her friends authors Amy Hempel and Jill Ciment then stepped in and collaborated under the pseudon [...]

    26. I decided to order this book from the library after the enthusiastic write up in the Sunday paper Mesmerizing and terrifying, the reviewer wrote I didn t find it mesmerizing, nor did I find it terrifying The story was about a promiscuous young woman who was a rape victim many years ago, which created a need in her to clinically understand the relationship between victim and perpetrator So she repeatedly puts herself in jeopardizing situations in dark alleys, bars, takes creepy men home, etc and [...]

    27. Definitely a page turner Thirty year old Morgan Prager is working on her master s thesis in forensic psychology looking at human predators and why certain people become their victims She s recently engaged to Bennett, a little bit of a mystery man who has somewhat swept her off her feet and doesn t really care for her dogs, a couple of rescue pit bill mixes and a Great Pyrenees Imagine Morgan s shock one day to come home and find Bennett dead and her dogs covered in blood A good who dunnit Benn [...]

    28. I guess this is the story line of a lot of books lately This one was VERY predictable Looking to step away from the I found out I didn t really know him plots Just say in.

    29. No I did not finish this HORRIBLY BORING book but I struggled through it for SO long that I feel I should be rewarded with an addition to my challenge So there.

    30. Escrito bajo el seud nimo de A.J Rich, Amy Hempel y Jill Ciment a nan fuerzas para escribir una novela de misterio sobre perros asesinos y una victim loga que se convierte en la v ctima.Rese a completa en THE BEST READ YET BLOG

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