Barbarian Mine

Barbarian Mine The ice planet has given me a second lease on life so I m thrilled to be here Sure there s no cheeseburgers but I m healthy and ready to be a productive member of the small tribe What I didn t anti
  • Title: Barbarian Mine
  • Author: Ruby Dixon
  • ISBN: 9781519196187
  • Page: 324
  • Format: Paperback
  • The ice planet has given me a second lease on life, so I m thrilled to be here Sure, there s no cheeseburgers, but I m healthy and ready to be a productive member of the small tribe.What I didn t anticipate That there d be a savage stranger waiting nearby, watching me And when he takes me captive, the unthinkable happens I resonate to him Resonance means mating, andThe ice planet has given me a second lease on life, so I m thrilled to be here Sure, there s no cheeseburgers, but I m healthy and ready to be a productive member of the small tribe.What I didn t anticipate That there d be a savage stranger waiting nearby, watching me And when he takes me captive, the unthinkable happens I resonate to him Resonance means mating, and children but I don t know if this guy s ever been around anyone before He s truly a barbarian in all ways, right down to clubbing me over the head and claiming me as his own.So why is it that I crave his touch and hunger for
    • [E-Book] Ô Barbarian Mine | By ↠ Ruby Dixon
      324 Ruby Dixon
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    1. Ruby Dixon is the secret penname of a New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author As Ruby, she writes sexy barbarian aliens, grumpy shifters, and domineering bikers.

    2. 4 Repeat StarsAs I said in my review for the previous book in this series, I am having a hard time picturing the dudes in this book as being sexy, what with the way they are described Let s review blue, horns, fangs, ridged metal like plates on various body parts, three fingered hands and toes, tails, and lemme repeat HORNS Hmmmmmmmokie dokieAll I get in my mind is a bad mix of that Tom Cruise Legend movie demon Sully from Monsters, Inc This scary dude And some variation of this Which I think is [...]

    3. My name is Jess and I m addicted to the blue aliens of Not Hoth.I want to marry Ruby Dixon For real The entire time I read this, I was a bundle of nervous energy Would this be as good as the others Who is the mysterious blue alien that has kidnapped Harlow Will I love this blue alien than my gorgeous Raahosh It is like we are joined, somehow Like our bodies have decided to sing a song together I like that I m incredibly pleased to say that while Raahosh still has my heart, this was another wond [...]

    4. This was sweet, lovely, and beautiful Barbarian Mine, the fourth installment in Ice Planet Barbarians series, is far better than the previous books Actually, it has been the cutest one in this series so far Harlow was one of human women on this ice planet While she was out in the snow, looking for something to make a travois to take the injured blue alien back to the healer, Rukh spied on her and then silently went to her When she was aware of him, he panicked and hit her head, and then he kidna [...]

    5. Harlow disappeared, when she was needed the most Where is Harlow Harlow has resonated, has been clubbed over the head and dragged away in the snow by someone Does this remind you something Who else has kidnapped his girl Raahosh, anyone Apparently the kidnapping approach runs in the family.Rukh is a nice blue alien He is a bit smelly and dirty he does not know how to speak he is naked continuously he does not use fire and blankets and he does not understand resonating But he is a true virgin, we [...]

    6. You remember when all those old sit com shows would have a very special episode where they had serious stuff going on and they weren t funny that week Why is my alien smut doing that to me I want funny, silly, and outrageous not angst and certainly not cancer Sheesh some formulas shouldn t be messed with So, in this book, we get Harlow and Rukh They met in the last book when Harlow was out cutting a tree branch and was hit over the head by someone and dragged away Well, that was Rukh What a cute [...]

    7. 2.5 mostly Rukh starsAnd he can t stop staring at me, as if I m some magical dick sucking unicorn come to life.Barbarian Mine focuses on Harlow and Rukh, Raahosh s long lost brother, presumed to be dead In fact, Rukh grew up alone in the wild since he was 7 years old or something like that Hence, he does not speak or wear clothes And he literally clubs Harlow and takes her to his cave.Fast forward one year and we have a very pregnant Harlow and a much presentable Rukh He actually talks, bathes, [...]

    8. I do not know what a 5 star is for me any, but when I think about what I would have wanted the author to do differently and come up blank, and I am really happy after reading, how can I justify a lower rating Wow I expect a little light alien smut and instead got this.This story was so sweet The story had so much depth and emotion Most of it is spent with just the two MCs, so it could easily have been a disaster But I fell in love with Rukh and Harlow, and they were both worthy of the love given [...]

    9. I m getting bored.Apparently there are only so many times I can handle reading about mating and babies and very important choices getting taken away from people by the khui I would also like to know why the khui seems to care so much about prolonging the life of their hosts tribe, especially when they take it from another being entirely Unless it sort of absorbs the wishes of the host That s a possibility Get on it, Dixon.These books are also becoming too mushy for me I get it, you all are mated [...]

    10. Buddy Read with the Alien Smut Loving AussiesThis may be my new favorite blue alien hunk It s that adorably sweet and swoony I was not disappointed in this book, but can Ruby Dixon ever disappoint when it s about Not Hoth Welcome back to the freezing planet of Not Hoth, it s time for Harlow s story In the previous book, we re left wondering what has become of Harlow, she is kidnapped by something or someone We were taunted with the info of there being an unknown sa khui alien on the planet by th [...]

    11. 3.5stars If you read book two do you remember that hero said that he once had a brother but he died Well, in this one you find out that he is not dead Rukh is a child of wild He grow up alone and you can t really call him a human being He wasn t in contact with any of his species for a long time, and when he finds his mate Harlow he already forgotten a lot of things Like, how to speak.There was a lot of thing that I liked here Like how Harlow explained to him how to talk again How he studied How [...]

    12. 4.5 This is what I m talking about StarsI was slightly disappointed with the previous book in this series and so I read other books BUT there s something about this series that makes me go back to it And I did.And I m happy again This one and the first one are probably my favorite books I really enjoyed the storyline and the characters We know that Harlow gets taken, but by whom Rukh has been on his own for AWHILE He forgot how to speak and he s pretty much like a caveman, but I guess we can cal [...]

    13. 4.5 StarsI just love a bit of blue alien masturbation, it gets my motor going.Rukh reminded me a lot of Ehd from Transcendence, the language barrier, how shocked and excited he gets about sexual relations It s not just all the naughty things that go on in these books, it s the world of Not Hoth I like reading about all the different creatures they come across The whole idea of making caves their own and using what they can find to make themselves as comfortable as possible I just love it all.

    14. I m rating this book 4 stars This was definitely my favourite book of the series so far It s also my favourite couple I really liked this but I just wish it was longer.

    15. Okay, I admit it I am addicted to this series I just can t get enough of these loveable blue aliens.Seriously This is basically me when I found out that Barbarian Mine was already out I practically abandoned everything just so I could drive straight home, curl up in my sofa and enjoy some good alien smut And boy was it good.I never thought that anyone could replace Liz and Raahosh as my favourite leads in this series, but I was wrong Dead wrong Rukh, for one, was beyond amazing Yeah, I had doubt [...]

    16. I m reading this as fast as I can I mean entire series I m like this I m going to eat all chocolates Actual review Another serious issue handled in this one I m guessing from now on as Dixon has eased reader s into settings, she is moving into domestic issues it pretty much started like this Rukh clubbing Harlow and dragging to his cave But soon, it turned out alright.One happy ending and I m already started withBarbarian s Prize.

    17. I m am aunt yeah people I m an aunt of a little interracial niece, cause as I already said Liz is my book BFF so far I m really uncertain about the rating, I d give it 5 but there were some emotions that didn t explode So being specifically around 4.5.These aliens just keep sweeping our feet off I m in love of them I want one of them, can I go all interstellar traveling now As you see So excited So review to come But seriously I love them The story takes from the part of the 3rd book where Harlo [...]

    18. Karly *The Vampire Ninja, Luminescent Monster & Wendigo Nerd Goddess of Canada (according to The Hulk)* says:

      2.5 And another one bites the dust StarsBaby batter yes, I just went there yes, I think it s hilarious You re welcome I think it may be safe to say that I have had enough of the rinse wash repeat of this blue alien smut series, for the time being I get that it s mindless smut about a breed of aliens that need populating and the poor human ladies who love them.My issues with this story weren t even about the above, however My issues stem from the mystery elements of this story the ones that I had [...]

    19. Oh Ruhk, you are such a barbarian basically clubbing your female over the head and stealing her away just like a caveman But you are so hot and sweet, I couldn t hold it against you I liked this one a lot I liked how they both were loners and made their own world away from the other tribe members This one reminded me of Transcendence a little This series is all about mates and babies which usually annoys me , but because of the premise, it makes sense, and totally works for me I loved Ruhk and H [...]

    20. Case Re Opened Reason To amend the Decision given on 21 Oct 2015.Case One earthling female name withheld who presented a good argument made an appeal for emendation.Said decision The justices struggle to write a verdict that all female population could agree to.And it has been decided that Ruby Dixon MUST continue to write this series until our female population is sated to their core Recommended revision The justices struggle to write a verdict that all female population could agree to.And it h [...]

    21. If you had told me a year ago I would five star a pulpy sci fi erotic romance hybrid featuring Earth Girls and sexy, horned and tailed blue barbarian aliens, I would have loudly cackled and then smoothly tip toed my way away from the crazy loon who uttered that opinion.Well, Ruby Dixon has proved to my snobbish self that it doesn t matter the genre, what matters is the writing This isn t even a five star qualified with for this genre or labeled as a guilty pleasure This book moved me than so ca [...]

    22. 4.5 stars Wish I didn t have to round my stars here, but I don t feel right about 4, so I am rounding up in this case.Very sweet romance that was well written with decent world building I loved both main characters, Rukh and Harlow The first half, when Rukh and Harlow were alone, reminded me of Transcendence, one of my favorite books Overall, one of the most enjoyable romances I have read out of the past 25 It is amazing what can be accomplished in a novella length book Looking at some of my hig [...]

    23. re read I want my own Barbarian stars, man I loved this book so be warned this may come off as a gushing review because it kind of will be lol I have read all but one book from this series and just because I kind of got busy and it slipped my mind, but I will be reading it , and I knew right away with book one that this author had written something very special I love PR but as I have said in the past it is harder for me to find these type of books I like and something different Well Ruby Dixon [...]

    24. 5 Stars Great addition to this series, I loved it through and through Harlow and Rukh were amazing characters, Harlow is so smart and understanding it was nice reading such a positive character that made the best of her situations and worked hard no matter what And Rukh is the most barbarian of all the barbarians so far due to his upbringing, he was so sweet and reminded me of Ehd from Transcendence because of the innocence and naivete He s super protective and loving and I instantly became a Ru [...]

    25. Rukh and Harlow reminded me so much of Ehd and Beh from Transcendence thinking about that book tears me up again sniffs minus the whole paranormal, alien stuff Their story was one of the sweetest romances I ve read Seriously My heart is overflowing with happiness just reading this book And did I mention that the hero s a virgin A very possessive virgin alien And mind you, he d kill anyone who d take his mate away from him This just couldn t get any perfect I m so glad that Rukh found Harlow, hi [...]

    26. Wow I loved this so much Rukh is such a wonderful hero He was loyal, sweet, loving, and a quick learner His childhood was so lonely and I was so happy when he ended up with Harlow Harlow is a great heroine She was strong, smart, and sweet I appreciated that she didn t fight the resonance too long The way they were with each other was very heartwarming I also loved how Rukh was with Raahosh and Vektal I think I enjoyed this one the most so far out of the series.

    27. WOW that was an unexpected read where the characters were actually given a little depth than I expected Don t be averted, if you are looking for of the same smut with coincidental happy go lucky circumstances and heroines that just stumbles and lands upon another room full of dicks thenGO FOR ITI am so funny, I swear I make myself laugh all the time Anyways the story was enticing and entertaining The sex was or less the same The conflict resolution was complex compared to the previous books [...]

    28. Well talk about a language barrier Rukh didn t speak English or sa.whatever the alien language is called But hey, that didn t stop Rukh and Harlow from knocking boots, so power to them The sex scenes were hot, and sometimes funny because Harlow basically had to explain where to put what and so on You could guess pretty early on where Rukh came from, but it was still sweet to see him reconnect Looking forward to continuing and seeing who s baby is gonna pop out next.

    29. This series is a rare one The books keep getting betting instead of worse This is my fav so far in the series Our little earth h gets hit over the head with a club and dragged off by blue balled caveman I know I knowty pleasure is all I m sayin.

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