The Separation

The Separation The Separation by Dinah Jefferies is a sweeping novel set in s Malaya about a mother searching for her daughters A country at war with itself a family divided and betrayed Malaya Lydia Cart
  • Title: The Separation
  • Author: Dinah Jefferies
  • ISBN: 9780241966051
  • Page: 439
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Separation by Dinah Jefferies is a sweeping novel set in 1950s Malaya, about a mother searching for her daughters.A country at war with itself,a family divided and betrayed.Malaya, 1955 Lydia Cartwright returns from visiting a sick friend to an empty house The servants are gone The phone is dead Where is her husband Alec Her young daughters, Emma and Fleur FeaThe Separation by Dinah Jefferies is a sweeping novel set in 1950s Malaya, about a mother searching for her daughters.A country at war with itself,a family divided and betrayed.Malaya, 1955 Lydia Cartwright returns from visiting a sick friend to an empty house The servants are gone The phone is dead Where is her husband Alec Her young daughters, Emma and Fleur Fearful and desperate, she contacts the British District Officer and learns that Alec has been posted up country But why didn t he wait Why did he leave no message Lydia s search takes her on a hazardous journey through war torn jungle Forced to turn to Jack Harding, a man she d vowed to leave in her past, she sacrifices everything to be reunited with her family.And while carrying her own secrets, Lydia will soon face a devastating betrayal which may be than she can bear .Dinah Jefferies was born in Malaya in 1948 and moved to England at the age of nine She has worked in education, once lived in a rock n roll commune and, recently, been an exhibiting artist She spends her days writing, with time off to make tiaras and dinosaurs with her grandchildren The Separation is her first book.
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    1. Breaking News Richard Judy pick THE TEA PLANTERS WIFE for their autumn bookclub 2015 Here s what Santa Montefiore said My ideal read mystery, love, heart break and joy I couldn t put it down Here s what Richard Madeley said The Tea Planter s Wife is so much than a conventional love story, with all its twists and turns and guilt and betrayaleply impressive The fetid, steamy atmosphere of the tropics rises from these pages like a humid mist We are on a tea plantation in 1920s Ceylon and 19 year old Gwendolyn Hooper is the new bride of the owner, a wealthy and charming widower But her romantic dreams of marriage are overshadowed by echoes from the past an old trunk of musty dresses an overgrown and neglected gravestone in the grounds Her new husband refuses to talk about them Gwen s perfect man is becoming a perfect stranger Quote from the great author Kate Furnivall about my first book THE SEPARATION A powerful story of love and loss that is utterly captivating I was drawn deep into the world of Malaya and England in the 1950s in this intense exploration of what it means to love Beautifully written and wonderfully atmospheric, Dinah Jefferies skilfully captures this fragile moment of history in a complex and thrilling tale THE SEPARATION is a gripping and intelligent read In 1985, the sudden death of Dinah Jefferies fourteen year old son brought her life to a standstill She drew on that experience, and on her own childhood spent in Malaya during the 1950s to write her debut novel, The Separation The guns piled high on the hall table when the rubber planters came into town for a party, the colour and noise of Chinatown, the houses on stilts, and the lizards that left their tails behind.Now living in Gloucestershire, Dinah once lived in Tuscany working as an au pair for an Italian countess she has also lived in a hippy rock n roll commune based in an Elizabethan manor house, but started writing when she was living in a small 16th Century village in Spain.

    2. Malayan Emergency, the year is 1955, which is when the Malayan guerrilla war was being fought for an Anti British government in Malaya The period of Insurgency has occurred just after the Japanese troops left the country followed by Malayan economic disruption The war is at its full form, and the red headed Europeans were treated with disrespect.A woman named Lydia Cartwright who found herself searching for her two young daughters amidst of deadly war and terrorism, murder, lies, and deceit A wi [...]

    3. Having being absolutely captivated by the authors debut novel, I was looking forward to this second exploration of historical fiction set in a mysterious and exotic location The author creates a very vivid portrait of 1950s Malaya I had to Google its exact location in the world, I have to admit I wasn t a hundred percent sure where it was although doesn t quite live up to her previous works, a tall order I realise The novel is told from two perspectives that of mother Lidia and her eldest daught [...]

    4. I think Dinah Jefferies is for me a broad brush writer The overall plot of this novel is good but some of the fine lines and detail do not convince and lack depth To draw some positives the descriptions of Malaya are good As Lydia reflects The dark green hell of Malaya terrified her, yet the beauty of it had crept under her skin , but even here, it would have been good to have gone a little deeper into why and how the country s beauty had had this impact Lydia is crashing through so many plot dr [...]

    5. He disfrutado mucho esta novela, recorriendo Malasia con ella Describe una historia muy tierna, donde se palpa la nostalgia y la fuerza de la protagonista Adem s describe la poca colonial inglesa y la Emergencia, con lo quedemos he aprendido un poquito.Aunque el argumento no nos da muchas sorpresas, no se hace aburrido, todo lo contrario, se llena de personajes muy nobles y de segundas oportunidades.Me ha gustado mucho la historia y su desenlace.

    6. I found this debut novel by Dinah Jefferies an emotional, atmospheric and gripping read I was engrossed in the story from the very start I found myself drawn deeply into the story and grew to care very much about the lives of Lydia Cartwright and her eldest daughter Emma in particular These are the two main characters whose stories we follow throughout the novel, supported by a well drawn and diverse cast of other family, friends and accomplices in Malaya and in England.The setting in Malaya now [...]

    7. This powerful debut novel by Dinah Jefferies is set in the 1950 s against the background of the Malayan Emergency I have to admit I knew nothing about this time in history until I started reading The Separation but it s obviously a subject that the author knows well from personal experience and the ever present danger of that period is superbly brought to life The story is told from two perspectives Lydia, the mother, who arrives home from visiting a sick friend to a deserted house her husband A [...]

    8. This story just blew me away From the opening chapter I was gripped when we first meet the characters then quickly learn something is not quite right This is an intricate story with plenty of twists and turns making it very hard to predict what could happen next The mother in the story is called Lydia and she has a big heart and is incredibly resilient , she needs to be to cope with what is going on in the story The bond between her and her children, one of them especially, Emma, is very touchin [...]

    9. This d but novel which I picked up recently at my local library, was as captivating as the blurb on the cover led me to believe it would be Dinah Jefferies spent her own childhood in Malaya and was there at the time of the Emergency that took place there in the 1950 s The novel is set in this period and she freely admits that although the characters are imaginary she has of course drawn on her own experiences It is these memories, plus her mothers memoirs and photographs that have helped make th [...]

    10. Zami ljam da pisac pre nego to sedne da radi ima neki kostur pri e u glavi koji zatim razra uje i lagano boji unutar tih linija koje su zacrtane, dodaje nijanse likovima i unosi kompleksnost u pri u Tako gledano, ovo je bojanka za trogodi njaka koja je ostala crno bela Kako sam besna na sebe kad potro im vreme na knjigu iz koje ni ta nisam nau ila, koja me nije nimalo zabavila i koju u zaboraviti za manje od mesec dana Sada sam ba mnogo besna zbog ove Ono to me je privuklo knjizi je prostor u ko [...]

    11. A captivating story about love and loss Almost unbearable to read at times, the continuous deceit and turmoil that the main protagonist Lydia has to endure One good quality of this debut novel was its ability to paint a picture of the time period and surroundings in which it was set in war torn Malaya in the 1950 s I enjoyed being swept along with Lydia s story and truly felt for her throughout, as events unfolded I also liked the relationships that she made on her journey I did enjoy Emma s con [...]

    12. Sorry, I seem to have put my review in the Comments section by mistake, but just to say again that The Separation is a wonderful debut novel engrossing, page turning, beautifully written and very atmospheric We can not only see, but hear, smell, touch and almost taste the Malayan jungle in which the distraught Lydia searches for her lost girls Because of the narrative device of the two voices, there s an additional poignancy in that the reader knows than Lydia and or Emma know, about what is re [...]

    13. Oh I loved this book.I am picky with my summer books, but this is nearly perfect.This is very summery book, the setting is exotic and vivid And the story also starts out deceptively simple enough Lydia comes home to find her family gone Are they out having a family meal, away for work That sort of thing Seems pretty harmless at first, but then you scratch the surface and find not all is well with the family Nor is all well in the Malaysia of the mid 50s You can tell the author knows the area and [...]

    14. Imagine that you ve returned home from visiting a friend to find that your house is empty your husband and children have disappeared, the servants have vanished and when you pick up the phone the line is dead You set out in search of your family, determined to find them no matter what, but it s not going to be an easy task because this is Malaya in 1955 a country at war.This is what happens to Lydia Cartwright in this wonderful debut novel by Dinah Jefferies As Lydia leaves the family home in Ma [...]

    15. Dinah Jefferies a grandi en Malaisie avant de partir pour l Angleterre, puis l Italie et l Espagne Frapp e par un drame familial en 1985, elle change de vie et se consacre l criture La S paration est son premier roman Sources Les Presses de la Cit Lydia avait tout pour tre heureuse, un homme et deux filles qu elle adore Mais voil , apr s une absence d un mois, quand elle rentre au domicile familial, elle d couvre une maison vide Elle ne comprend pas, et se sent perdue Elle apprend par un coll gu [...]

    16. Lydia Cartwright has been away visiting a sick friend She is so excited that she will soon hold her two young daughters in her arms again, she has missed them so much whilst she was away As soon as she enters the house, she knows something is not right Where are her girls Fleur and Emma, and her husband Alec The house is empty, stripped bare their clothes are missing, the servants have left Lydia is alone.Malaya in 1955 is a frightening and dangerous place to be during The Emergency and Lydia is [...]

    17. I love prologues that are full of intrigue It s 1931 in Weston super Mare and we have a woman and a child on the beach I wanted to know the significance of this scene and had questions Who was the woman What about the child Why only one day Alternating narrative from mother 3rd person and daughter 1st person structures the story Lydia from the time she returns to the abandoned home and from Emma we learn what happens from the moment of leaving I loved this format and thought the 1st person and 3 [...]

    18. iheart chicklitNormally, I don t go for historical fiction I mean, I love stories and conflicts but I ve got all that from studying History in school, so the books I read outside of school are my escape But, and this is an impressive but, I was really intrigued by the blurb and premise of The Separation by Dinah Jefferies and since the book is set in Malaya my lovely country, now called Malaysia , I decided to give this book a go The Separation follows the story of an English family who lived in [...]

    19. The Separation opens in 1955 as Lydia Cartwright returns to an empty house in Malaya after visiting a friend Her husband, two daughters and even their servants have vanished The phone is dead, most of their money has been drawn from their account and Lydia finds no message explaining what has happened.This captivating novel follows Lydia s search for her children and is woven from two points of view Lydia s story captures her fear as she tears through a war torn jungle in search of her children [...]

    20. Every mother out there knows being separated from your children is the worse thing that can happen You will never know if they become successful, get married or even have children of their own But every mother will also tell you, that there is nothing you would not do to be reunited with your children, even if it takes years In this read this is the very situation that Lydia find herself trapped in Set in 1955 in Malaya , we meet Lydia who returns home to find her once filled family home now emp [...]

    21. Set in Malaya and England during the mid fifties, The Separation is a captivating and deeply emotional novel Lydia returns from tending a sick friend to find her husband and two daughters gone, the house empty even of servants and the country about to explode into chaos Already on her way to England, Emma cannot understand why her mother did not come with them.This brilliantly written story follows Lydia as she searches for her husband and children in a country in the midst of political upheaval [...]

    22. Being an avid book reader, and a bit obsessed with buying books, I was first attracted to the cover, and then couldn t resist buying when I read it was set in Malaysia I used to live in the Far East, and found the descriptions and smells of the island bringing back memories.A story set in the 1950 s when the country was in turmoil, and was in a state of emergency Lydia had two daughters she adored, and she finds herself estranged from her daughters when she returns from looking after her sick fr [...]

    23. As historical fiction, I quite enjoyed The Separation I knew little about the Chinese inspired Communist insurgency in Malaysia in the post WWII years pre Independence The very last of the twilight of British rule The novel whetted my appetite to learn .As a story of what happens, what a mother s will do, when separated from her children, and how those children might respond to the separation, I was not so enthralled that I had to keep reading relentlessly.I read The Separation as a GR group mon [...]

    24. This book was absolutely captivating.The author painted the jungle with her words so descriptively, that I could almost feel the tangled underbrush, threats of creatures lurking in the grass, and the oppressive heat The story was so engrossing with the characters and plot that I could hardly put the book down I loved the author s style, development of characters, plot, and everything in between Her research into historical aspects were near perfect The accuracy was impressive.I would highly reco [...]

    25. I was drawn in immediately The setting, the characters This was a book I had a hard time putting down and a book I was thinking about when I wasn t reading it The main two characters Lydia and Emma were captivating As a mother, I felt everything Lydia was feeling, although being a parent is not required to thoroughly enjoy this book I am sad that I have finished it it is still whirling around in my brain

    26. A powerful and captivating tale of love, heartbreak and betrayal I was hooked from the very beginning I loved the colourful description of life in Malaya at the time and despite not liking Lydia very much I had huge empathy for the situation she found herself in I felt that all of the characters developed brilliantly throughout the novel, their actions always believable A fabulous 5 read

    27. I didn t love it as much as The Tea Planter s Wife but it s a great story line Very original and I love the characters of mum and daughter

    28. 2 ,5 konu g zel olsa da tasvirlerin yo unlu u ve ba karakterlerini sevemedim Veronica hari duyarl ve samimi buldum.

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