The Flesh Cartel #14: Independence Day

The Flesh Cartel Independence Day Mat and Douglas s time as Nikolai s wards is finally drawing to a close Though torn apart by Nikolai s machinations their fates are still inextricably entwined they ve been sold to the same cruel mas
  • Title: The Flesh Cartel #14: Independence Day
  • Author: Rachel Haimowitz Heidi Belleau
  • ISBN: 9781626490758
  • Page: 174
  • Format: ebook
  • Mat and Douglas s time as Nikolai s wards is finally drawing to a close Though torn apart by Nikolai s machinations, their fates are still inextricably entwined they ve been sold to the same cruel master, and are united in their desire to go home But home means two different things to the brothers for Mat, their little bungalow in Nevada, and for Douglas, a swift retMat and Douglas s time as Nikolai s wards is finally drawing to a close Though torn apart by Nikolai s machinations, their fates are still inextricably entwined they ve been sold to the same cruel master, and are united in their desire to go home But home means two different things to the brothers for Mat, their little bungalow in Nevada, and for Douglas, a swift return to Nikolai and Roger, the only people he believes still love him.But first they must survive their new master Smythe Hall is a twisted island paradise where Americans affect British accents and slaveboys dress up as slave girls, all at the whims of the rich and megalomaniacal Allen Smythe Kennedy.Meanwhile, FBI Special Agent Nate Johnson can t let the case of the missing brothers lie He knows it s a waste of resources to chase ghosts down a cold trail, but after admiring Mathias Stonewall Carmichael ringside and at countless afterparties where he was too shy to say hello, he s determined to solve the mystery and bring Mat and his little brother home.Reader discretion advised This title contains the following sensitive themes dubious consent, explicit violence, non consent.
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      Rachel Haimowitz Heidi Belleau

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    1. M M erotic romance author, freelance writer and editor, sadist with a pesky conscience, shamelessly silly, proudly pervish I m a twitter addict rachelhaimowitz , and I blog every M W F at Fantasy Unbound To learn all about my current and upcoming projects, please stop by my website I love to hear from folks, so feel free to drop me a line anytime at metarachel at gmail dot com.

    2. Mat if you were broken up into a million pieces I would love every single one Every aspect of you Everything that makes you you I absolutely love.And Nate is Mat s hope What both these men go through in this episode is absolutely heartworthy

    3. Well, look what the cat dragged in Two insanely famous guest stars I have a bit of a problem accepting that THE FLESH CARTEL takes place in TY and ZANE s universe I mean the Flesh Cartel paints such a terrible picture of our world and what men are capable of that I don t feel comfortable knowing it all happens in a universe that I associate with positive and not too complicated m m crime romance plots I was hoping to put this story in a box after I finish the series and don t have to deal with t [...]

    4. I think this is just going to get better and better based on what happened in this one I love Mat Plus, I really loved the beginning with Ty and Zane I love when they talk about kitties

    5. A very good instalment Matis free, or so he thinks Because basically He s a wreck and no wonder , he s haunted by all the things the Cartel did to himAnd he wants to get his brother back and he wants REVENGE Nateis helpless, he doesn t know how to take the Cartel down There are no open leads, no evidence, nothing There s nothing he wants than to let Mat heal and find DougieSo, they make up a plan One day, when the things these people did to you aren t so raw, and the scars aren t so fresh, and [...]

    6. Not bad, not bad at all This installment was a little bit different from the previous ones It wasn t as intense and heartbreaking To be honest, I though it was getting a little too much with all the non stop rape I m happy author gave her characters a break I ve mentioned in the previous reviews, that Nate s pov kept annoying me I actually enjoyed his point of view in this one I did however, missed Duugie s pov I wonder how that poor boy is doing.I m curious to see how author will wrap the last [...]

    7. Not going to give anything away, but this felt a bit like the relative calm before the storm It was basically all Mat, though we have a brief glimpse of the price Dougie is and will be paying for Mat s actions view spoiler And a special guest appearance from some characters of another popular Riptide franchise, with the promise of to come, that people will either love or hate I enjoyed it hide spoiler

    8. Wow That was Intense I LOVED this book It , yet again, shows Mat s incredible strength and selfless nature.I fell in love with Nate s kindness and for truly being what mat needs.We did not get much of Dougie in this one, and I think it was good because I really needed a break from the evil that is in The Cartel.I m going to start the next one NOW No other option for me

    9. I don t think I can take any of Allen s crazy ass abuse Mat is WAY over it as well and finally sees an opportunity IF he can convince Dougie to go along with him.I was cringing when Daddy shows up again

    10. After the cliffhanger of part 13, I wasn t able to wait long in order to read The Flesh Cartel 14 Independence Day and I have to say that this one really got me hooked again The repetitive scenes of the last few parts reduced my interest, but the new setting and the new characters in this book were very catchy The focus lay on Mat and it hurt reading about his reactions to all the terrible things he went through, but I really admire his strength And I loved Nate I can t wait to read about him i [...]

    11. 5 RIGHT IN THE FEELS STARS This was not how I expected the episode to go My heart hurt for a particular character Its impossible to review this ep w out spoiling pivotal storyline, so I ll shut up now Btw, the ending will have YOU sayingI NEED SEASON 5 ASAP Rachel HaimowitzPLEASE

    12. This was the best book in the series for me I loved Ty and Zane s appearance on the first page, an extra star for that straightaway I breathed a sigh of relief that Mat was finally in the safe hands of FBI Special Agent Nate Johnson and surrounded by people who cared about him loved his coach, what a great guy I seriously thought it would never happen I m excited about what s to come and just hope Dougie can hang on.

    13. 3.5 StarsAt Last view spoiler So Mat is now free hide spoiler Dougie is still in the hands of Allen who is looking for answers.As Mat comes to terms with everything that has happen, Nate the FBI Agent is there to help and support him.But Mat knows what he needs to doFree DougieMy ThoughtsI had mixed feelings here With only a very small glimpse to what was happening to Dougie still left in the hands of Allen, we were left with Nates attraction towards Mat and Mat having no real idea of what s rea [...]

    14. A review by The Blogger Girls.Ok, when this starts out, I honestly had to check and make sure I opened the right book It has a totally different feel to it, and then Ty and Zane are there, and I was a little confused But I pressed on, and it didn t take long for things to iron themselves out.Except then Nate gets a phone call, and my heart skipped a beat So, Mat is found, and things go pretty much as expected We get a tiny glimpse of what he left behind with Dougie bearing the brunt of Allen s u [...]

    15. This series is not for the faint of heart and in the beginning I wasn t sure I could handle it but now I am firmly committed to seeing what happens to the brothers I can t wait for the next season The cover with Mat holding Dougie s hand makes me a little misty eyedah Dougie gets on my nerves but I do want to see the brothers reconciled.

    16. Another great episode, but very different from the earlier ones There is no torture, yay This episode actually made me cry, which only Voinov Capture Surrender, Special Forces Soldiers has managed before in M M The reunion between Mat and his coach in the hospital was just so emotional I think it was great to finally get a glimpse of Mat s relationships with people from before the abduction the Coach and Mike I was getting so brainwashed from reading the other episodes that I actually felt they [...]

    17. This book was the best,specially Ty and Zane bit oops I wasn t suppose to write that but WTF Anybody who have started this series will finish it.Matt please stop caring for your brothereaseeeehe claimed to hate you once again in this book and was concern over stinking pig,asstard Nicolai can you willingly put yourself through that hell again My and Nate s heart break seeing you so broken and vulnerable, again you are planing to put urself through the wringerDont

    18. I hate it when they gave me high hope and then crash it to pieces with no consideration to my heart breaking in the middle It was like watching a fucking train wreck and all you suppose to do is just stand there and freaking watch miserable And that end is way beyond fucked up and infuriatingi can t believe it how can they put us through that freaking hell AGAIN How come they suggested such thing I m so angry, miserable, irritated,desperate,emotional a lot of confusing feelings at the same time [...]

    19. After the drama of the previous thirteen books and Matt s escape, what do we get Nate and how conflicted he feels about his crush Flesh Cartel is all of a sudden about feelings The tone of the entire series has completely changed.Between that and the stupid Ty and Zane crossover with the promise of to come I think I may be done with this series What a letdown.

    20. Includes a cute scene with Ty and Zane Their talk about kittens made my day What a nice surprise Full review to come with the last episode.

    21. What can I say Mat I am sorry I am sorry that there were a few episodes where I wrote you off and did not really care for your story I am sorry that I cared about Dougie and his transformation than I did about your fight Your fight is everything It s everything.I have been knocked on my ass and I should stay down here It s where I belong I admit I am writing this after catching up on all the episodes that have been released so this will be short There is honestly so much that cannot be said in [...]

    22. Loved this one It was almost a little bit of a comfort read By FC standards, of course.I like Nate He s a wonderful character Strong, compassionate, caring, of integrity And boy, he has it bad for Mat Exactly what Mat needs right now, his very own no matter what promise But things are not that easy, and that s actually a good thing Otherwise any potential romance wouldn t be anyway near believable I can t wait to see how things will go from here.Still, this isn t exactly a light episode no matte [...]

    23. This excellent dark series continues FBI agent Nate Johnson is hosting a fourth of July celebration, amongst his guests are none other than Ty and Zane A note at the end says we ll be meeting them again soon lol, huh Nate and partner Louise meet up with Mat who is recovering in a psychiatric ward in Florida Just signed up for the next season from Riptide Publishing.

    24. This one is based on Mat and his freedomlly in the hands of Nate and the FBI he can try and recover thanking god that they believe himbut he can t completely heal because even though his brother showed his hatred towards him in the last book.he needs to bring Dougie homed the only way to do that is to use bait.Mat shaped bait and Nate is not happy about it x

    25. I ve re read it twice in the spam of 5 hours I thought my heart would rip out of my throat in this one just kept me edge of seat the whole time

    26. Fuck I waited so long for some light in this dark world they are living in and at last it came in the shape of Nate

    27. 4.75 stars By far the best one Loved to get insight on Nate and how is feelings for Mat kinda get in the way sometimes Mat is trying to get better, but of course, he won t forget that he has a brother to rescue so that s exactly what is doing on the next season And we even get a glimpse from Douglas, and how he s trying to survive on his own I m ready for the final season it s been quite a ride.

    28. Reviewed under a href review show 4 The Flesh Cartel5 deviant, depraved, sadistic, mind fuckery Stars Check the warnings 8 10 on Darkeness Scale

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