The Flesh Cartel #13: The House Always Wins

The Flesh Cartel The House Always Wins Mat and Douglas s time as Nikolai s wards is finally drawing to a close Though torn apart by Nikolai s machinations their fates are still inextricably entwined they ve been sold to the same cruel mas
  • Title: The Flesh Cartel #13: The House Always Wins
  • Author: Rachel Haimowitz Heidi Belleau
  • ISBN: 9781626490741
  • Page: 207
  • Format: ebook
  • Mat and Douglas s time as Nikolai s wards is finally drawing to a close Though torn apart by Nikolai s machinations, their fates are still inextricably entwined they ve been sold to the same cruel master, and are united in their desire to go home But home means two different things to the brothers for Mat, their little bungalow in Nevada, and for Douglas, a swift retMat and Douglas s time as Nikolai s wards is finally drawing to a close Though torn apart by Nikolai s machinations, their fates are still inextricably entwined they ve been sold to the same cruel master, and are united in their desire to go home But home means two different things to the brothers for Mat, their little bungalow in Nevada, and for Douglas, a swift return to Nikolai and Roger, the only people he believes still love him.But first they must survive their new master Smythe Hall is a twisted island paradise where Americans affect British accents and slaveboys dress up as slave girls, all at the whims of the rich and megalomaniacal Allen Smythe Kennedy.Meanwhile, FBI Special Agent Nate Johnson can t let the case of the missing brothers lie He knows it s a waste of resources to chase ghosts down a cold trail, but after admiring Mathias Stonewall Carmichael ringside and at countless afterparties where he was too shy to say hello, he s determined to solve the mystery and bring Mat and his little brother home.Reader discretion advised This title contains the following sensitive themes dubious consent, explicit violence, non consent.
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      Rachel Haimowitz Heidi Belleau

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    1. M M erotic romance author, freelance writer and editor, sadist with a pesky conscience, shamelessly silly, proudly pervish I m a twitter addict rachelhaimowitz , and I blog every M W F at Fantasy Unbound To learn all about my current and upcoming projects, please stop by my website I love to hear from folks, so feel free to drop me a line anytime at metarachel at gmail dot com.

    2. 4.5 stars, rounded up The attractions on Allen sparadise islandcontinueThis part was a little bit detached Mat once is forced to do unimaginable things, view spoiler he must kill people on the arena for the enjoyment of Allen s guests hide spoiler But we don t see what happens in his mind that much We don t actually feel his struggle, his reluctance to view spoiler take life of other, maybe innocent, people hide spoiler Only that very first time was very detailed and full of Mat s thoughtsAnd D [...]

    3. It took me a while to pick up this next book in The Flesh Cartel series I really liked the beginning of Dougie s and Mat s story, but after a while, it turned out to be quite repetitive But I m still curious to know how their story will end and I have to admit that I was once again pulled right into the story I still keep hoping, suffering with them and I really, really want to believe in a happy end But these two authors make believing sooo difficult Dougie is completely brainwashed and I m afr [...]

    4. 4 SHOW SOME DAMN MERCY STARS What can I say that hasn t already been said Dougie is still a twat but I m loosening up to him a bit My affection for Mat grows with each passing episode I pray his character never gives up because I know he canSwim win his way home to safety.Allen makes Niko sound like the friggin tooth fairy I have nothing nice to say about this psychotic fucking prick, so I shall end my review with w bring on ep 14 damn it

    5. What can I say love this series, love Mathias Stonewall Carmichael, the plot is heading off in a new direction Woo hoo, and the title as everything to do with the episode Bring on ep 14 I can t wait to read it

    6. I m not gonna write much in the way of a review.Just I need to read on Like NOW.So, yeah 5 stars and a love letter to Mat.Moving on to book 14 sigh

    7. I m exited again This was sooo much better than the last two episodes Finally something is happening again Penny was a nice addition to the story, and Dougie and Mat wasn t as boring as I thought they were in the last couple of episodes Loved the whole thing Thank god there weren t any detective s povs, but I do hope he is out there somewhere, still looking for them Because of the ending, I actually wouldn t mind if he would showed up in the next episode.I can t wait to read next episode.

    8. Wow, what an episode Mat is amazing Seriously AMAZING, love him so much.DouglASS continues to bug the shit out of me, but perhaps Dougie is finally starting to see the light I hope so I have to read the next one immediately, need to know what happens next

    9. I loathe Allenhe s now got Mat fighting in crazy death matches and whips him when he refuses They re still using Dougie against him All Dougie wants is to please his new mistress Penny and eventually get back to Nikolai frustrating.

    10. HOLY SHIT Not sure how I m supposed to wait until February, people This series gets better and better with each episode This time around, Daddy is back, there are fireworks, big fights, death, and it seems as if months have gone by in this one little book So much happens this time around, and we are left with a cliffhanger to blow all cliffhangers away I m on the edge of my seat I m jumping up and down It s so close, the end So close I can feel it, almost taste it, and it tastes like blood, swe [...]

    11. I love Mat and with each installment I still don t know how Douglas can be saved This was another interesting episode A lot of time passess, a number of things changed and once again my fingers are crossed.

    12. This one was hard for me to read.Mat did not fair well in this one.he had to fight.Gladiator style to the death and if he didn t then his brother was used against him.when Dougie was brought in he didn t fight he f d.Dougie was not liked much by the other slaves and was still treated apallingly till he met Mistress Penny who took him on as his own.And the return of Daddy made my skin crawl but that ending.Is Mat finally free well not without his brother he isn t x

    13. 3.5 stars bumped to 4I really wasn t digging this installment until about 80% in Then I was likeis is the Flesh that i ve been missing The punch in the faceloved Is that wrong that I had such enjoyment in that one action lol

    14. Reviewed under a href review show 4 The Flesh Cartel5 deviant, depraved, sadistic, mind fuckery Stars Check the warnings 8 10 on Darkeness Scale

    15. Dear Ladies,At the beginning of its letter this one beseeches you not to rat on him to his Master Should he learn it wrote to you, you will miss one reader There is no chance it can stand Matt s fury in the ring and because it s already not a kid it doesn t count his person will awake fighter s scruples Master K was again tremendously angry with you He shouted he didn t pay such handsome sum of money for M M thriller to read how delighted was the supposedly straight turned gay former psychology [...]

    16. What can I say Mat I am sorry I am sorry that there were a few episodes where I wrote you off and did not really care for your story I am sorry that I cared about Dougie and his transformation than I did about your fight Your fight is everything It s everything.I have been knocked on my ass and I should stay down here It s where I belong I admit I am writing this after catching up on all the episodes that have been released so this will be short There is honestly so much that cannot be said in [...]

    17. A review by The Blogger Girls.This series has held my interest strong throughout each installment This episode takes a bit of a turn as the boys settle into things on Allen s island It picks up right where the last one left off, with the party having come to an end and the boys no longer needed Douglas finds his way into Allen s wife s favor while Mat recuperates from his whipping Douglas finds happiness serving his Mistress while Matt still has hopes of escape But things take a turn as this sto [...]

    18. This series could have been a taut, psycho sexual thrill ride into some scary, dark places Instead, it s just devolved into the absolute worst of everything for book after book after book after book And the kicker is, it feels like they were written in about a day it certainly takes me less than a day to get through each one , so stretching out the release dates over months and months to finish out the story feels sadistic But I guess that s apropos coming from the authors.I m limping through th [...]

    19. It s hard to give a book a 5 star rating when it makes me so sick that I have a genuine physical reaction The authors are so good at painting a horrific picture in such graphic detail, it s not hard to imagine witnessing the gut wrenching devastation first hand I m so upset when I m reading that I forget to appreciate what talent it takes for an author to draw me in and manipulate my emotions so effectively, that it reaches a visceral level That ending Holy shit Great work, ladies

    20. I finally got back a bit hope for Dougie in this one, with his attraction to Penny and how he handled the situation in the arena It shows that he still does have a brain in there somewhere And THAT revelation by Daddy view spoiler telling Douglas that saving him from Daddy had just been a manipulating ploy by Nikolai hide spoiler must keep that brain working independently

    21. 3.75 starsPretty much preparing us for the next book We had violence and how Douglas was getting around with his master and mistress, and how Mat was used, on a violent form the fights.

    22. 4.5 Review goes live on my blog Jan 24th.In this edition, I feel that the end is starting Mat is obsessed with escaping There is nothing else on his mind.Allen has decided to use Mat is his new business adventure boxing to the death We get to see several scenes, where Mat has to chose the death of his opponent or the death of his brother He obviously saves his brother, but there is one scene where he cannot kill an innocent boy who s crime was being related to a traitor Mat cannot do it, and Dou [...]

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